Ricardo Soto: Executive Director


Ricky is a native of San Diego. Ricky's involvement in progressive campaigns began as a high school student when he attempted to start an LGBTQ+ tolerance club at his Catholic high school, volunteered for the Sanders presidential campaign, and served as an intern for the North Park office for Congresswoman Susan Davis. While at Harvard, Ricky has served as Treasurer of the Crimson Democrats PAC, the affiliate PAC of the Harvard College Democrats, been a board member for the Harvard Undergraduate Legal Committee, hosts the podcast Wonked: A Policy Pod, and has been able to receive advice from Robby Mook, State Senator Eric Lesser, and Cornell Brooks through the Campaigns and Advocacy Program at the Institute of Politics. Ricky's policy expertise are primarily surrounding financial regulation, tax law, healthcare, and civil rights law.

Alexander Koenig: Deputy Executive Director


Sandy was born and raised in Washington, D.C., where he had the opportunity to see national politics firsthand. In high school, he followed politics, headed his school’s Military and Political Strategy Club and volunteered for the Clinton campaign. At Harvard, Sandy works on state policy with the Harvard College Democrats, writes for the Harvard Political Review, is a member of the Harvard Political Union, America’s oldest college debate union, and interned in the Massachusetts Legislature with Sen. Mike Barrett. His main historical area of focus is political history, especially American legislative history, and his main policy expertise revolves around foreign policy, technology, antitrust, and taxes.




The Crimson Democratic Alliance is a political action committee that is dedicated to supporting both the values of the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates nationwide. These are our goals.


Training the Next Generation of Campaign Financiers

While many colleges and universities offer ample training in voter outreach, political organizing, and student-based demonstrations and activism, campaign finance tends to be an arena that is more out of reach to the average student. This PAC will offer a unique opportunity for Harvard students to learn the craft with hands-on experience in event planning, donor research, FEC compliance, and other necessary skills.

Getting Money to Harvard Alumni in Congress

There are currently six Democratic members of the United States Senate and twenty nine Democratic members of the House of Representatives who are alumni of Harvard University. One of the primary aims of the Crimson Democratic Alliance is to utilize Harvard and its alumni connections to pull together money so that the entirety of Harvard's Democratic Congressional delegation is supported to the fullest extent. Furthermore, this unified front, through a PAC that is run by Harvard students, can show how much the Harvard community as an entity supports the activism and leadership of our alumni.

Acting As A Partner For On-Campus Student Organizations

Groups such as the Harvard College Democrats or the Harvard Law School Democrats often need resources to perform their canvassing and organizing activities. The Crimson Democratic Alliance supports these efforts with a student staff that is largely dedicated toward the raising and management of funds. Democratic organizations on campus will now have a central organization that they can consult to receive funds independent of their own PACs and fundraising activities. This reliable source of funding will bolster the activities of the groups on campus who are already doing great work.


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